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MSC Practice Field Request Form

The only required fields are the head coach's name, email and the age group of the team. However, it's really in your best interest to request a particular day (or days). Times are optional except for Saturday or Sunday practices (or if you want to have really late practices on Field 14 at MCP West).

First Day Choice, Second Day Choice and Third Day Choice refer to your first, second and third choices of practice days. Teams in an age group have priority on their 'home' field, which will generally be Monroeville Community Park West for in-house teams (and teams will be placed on age-appropriate fields for practice). We will try to put the adult teams at Penn Hall as much as possible.

Please note that we do not yet have field permits in hand. Thus, some of the listed fields might not be available. In particular, we do not expect to have permits for Evergreen or Patton Heights. It has been some time since teams have practiced at either of those fields, so there is no guarantee of availability.

Fields that are highlighted are required.

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